Meet the Board 2023/2024




Hey there! My name is Jason de Weerd and I’m the chairman of RSVB 2023-2024. I’m 22 years old and from Rotterdam. Currently I’m pursuing a bachelor in both law and philosophy. As the chair of the board, I will be mainly responsible for managing the operation of the board. Also, I’m the contact person between Erasmus Boxing and Erasmus sport. Having started training in martial arts since I was six, I have a background in both karate and kickboxing and started training boxing since the beginning of the study year 22/23 at Erasmus boxing. The boxing association has a wide variation of different levels, from people that are training for the first time in their lives to people that have stepped foot in the ring more regularly. That is one of the reasons why this is such an open association for all kinds of levels and practitioners involved. I hope to see lots of new faces at training this year and am already excited to meet other fans of “the sweet science” during sparring.




My name is Rolan and I am going to be the secretary of RSBV for the 2023/24 academic year! I am the main contact person in case you have any questions regarding schedule, events, membership, or anything you would love to know about our association. Furthermore, I am responsible for social media and marketing. I am from Kazakhstan where boxing plays an important role in cultural identification of the nation. The first time I stepped on the ring was in 2019 and since then I am receiving only benefits from this beautiful sport, improving my physical and mental health and meeting new interesting people. In the upcoming year I would love to involve more people in boxing to build a strong community of like-minded enthusiasts.




My name is Cillian and I will be the treasurer for the R.S.B.V. board in the academic year of 2023/2024. I’ll be in charge of the finances and budgeting. I will be your point of contact when you are in the process of signing up and buying an Erasmus sports pass or when purchasing memberships and boxing kits. I have been a member at R.S.B.V. for just over 2 years now and learned a lot about boxing and myself. Also, everybody is very supportive which led me to make a bunch of friends on the way. If you have any questions about joining R.S.V.B., what the benefits might be, or any other boxing-related questions you can always send an email or come to the boxing classes. I will be present on most of the training days. Together with the 16th R.S.B.V. boxing board, trainers, and Erasmus sport, I hope to create a fun, healthy and strong community. Hope to see you soon!



Events Manager

Hey guys! I'm Dave and for the upcoming academic year 2023/2024 I will function as the Event Manager for R.S.B.V. This means that I will be mainly responsible for both the social events outside of training, and workshop events that take place throughout the boxing classes. I have been consistently boxing at Erasmus Boxing for about nine months and it has turned into my favourite activity. The people and coaches we train with are all very open and friendly and are a strong reason for why I feel motivated to keep following the trainings. I am very excited to see what the year has coming for us and hope to see many old and new faces at our training sessions!