Meet the Board 2022/2023

Apply now for the 15th board of R.S.B.V. Erasmus Boxing! Are you interested in boxing and would like to organize and participate at amazing events for the boxers at EUR? Then you are at the right place! Join the new board for 2023-2024 and enjoy a great journey with the members of our association.

Being a board member of RSBV is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that requires dedication and flexibility. Board members are expected to commit around four hours per week to the club, but the workload can vary depending on the time of year and upcoming events. Therefore, it is crucial to have a flexible schedule and be available when needed.

One of the perks of being a board member is having an office at the university, which provides a space to work on club-related tasks and collaborate with other members of the board. Additionally, board members are encouraged to participate in all of the club's events, including training sessions, competitions, and social activities.

Close communication with Erasmus Sport is also an essential aspect of the role. Board members work closely with Erasmus Sport to ensure that the club has access to the necessary resources and facilities for training and competing in boxing events.

Furthermore, all board members are required to be present at Eurekaweek, a four day-long event where new students are introduced to the university and its various clubs and organizations. This presents an excellent opportunity for board members to promote the club and attract new members.

In summary, being a board member of RSBV is an exciting and fulfilling experience that requires dedication, flexibility, and effective communication skills. Board members play an important role in ensuring the success and growth of the club, and the position offers many opportunities for personal and professional development.




My name is Lujza Andó and I have the honour to be the chair of the 2022-2023 board of R.S.B.V. Erasmus Boxing. I am 21 years old and I am from Hungary. At the moment I am also a second year IBEB student at Erasmus. As the chair of the association I am responsible for managing the operation of the board. It mainly consists of making our targets and yearly plan, organising and chairing the meetings as well as supporting the work of the board members. Furthermore, I am the contact person between Erasmus Boxing and Erasmus Sport. If you have ambition to lead our boxing association and you are up for challenges apply for the position of the 15th chair of R.S.B.V.!


Not filled


In their role as Secretary of RSBV Erasmus Boxing, they are responsible for the club's marketing and communication efforts. Their primary duties involve creating and distributing promotional materials to attract new members and collaborating with other organizations to expand the club's reach. Additionally, they serve as the main point of contact for the club and are responsible for answering emails from current and potential members, as well as other stakeholders. Their success in this position requires excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and organizational abilities. They take pride in contributing to the growth and success of RSBV Erasmus Boxing.


Hanneke & Austin


The Treasurer of RSBV Erasmus Boxing is responsible for managing the club's finances, including the budget and financial records. They purchase boxing equipment and ensure all members have access to necessary facilities. They work with other club members to manage expenses and allocate funds. This role requires strong financial management skills, attention to detail, and effective communication abilities. The Treasurer takes pride in contributing to the growth and success of the club by managing finances responsibly and transparently.



Events Manager

As an events manager, you will be in charge of planning the events for our members. These are monthly social outings like paintballing and skiing. Additionally, clinics outside of Erasmus so that participants could practice their fighting techniques in other environments. It is the perfect opportunity to practice working in a professional setting and explore your creativity.